Class Descriptions & Pricing

~All Adult Classes & Dance for Toddlers  are ongoing drop in with varied pricing ~Special Workshops & Events Posted on Facebook & Instagram
~ Children's Dance Program runs on Semester/Series  Schedule so payments are scheduled into installments (see Policies for details)

(Rates per class: 40 min class $11.50, 50 min $13, 55/60min $14)


Advanced registration required for Children's dance/art classes/workshops ; Toddlers & Adult classes are drop in. 

Toddlers Dance (2-3 yrs)

A festive environment where your child will be introduced to basic stretching and dance movements with a variety of music styles. Ongoing drop in class, parents remain in the room to watch. (25 min class; $6 drop in fee or 4 classes for $20

Play Ballet (3-4 yrs)

An interactive approach to basic ballet with focus on developing movement and musicality through various basic steps and positions while encouraging play and imagination.  (40 min. class in 3/4 wk sessions) 

Preballet (4-6 yrs)

An introduction to basic ballet. Begins with barre work in 1st and 2nd position (plies and grande battement), teaches basic turns and jumps, as well as stretching and tumbling. (40 min. class)

Ballet I/II (5-10 yrs)

Ballet work at the barre includes plie, tendu, degage, rond de jambes, grande battement, and stretches; centre work includes turns, petite and grande jumps, as well as balancing exercises, adagio, and port de bras. (50-55min class)

Ballet III/IV/Pointe (9+ yrs)

A technique class, focus is on strengthening fundamental techniques of ballet and development of foot articulation. Barre work includes plié, tendu, dégagé, frappe, échappé, ronde de jambe, battement and and stretches. Center work includes adagio, pirouettes and turns, petit and grande allegro, and port de bras. (55-90 min class)

Hip Hop (5-8yrs & 8-12yrs & Teen 13+)

Little Groovers & Hip Pop classes offer a fusion of pop and hip pop moves with age appropriate choreography and music. Students learn a basic routine and standard moves, tapping into rythmn and coordination skills. Parents are invited to watch at the last class of the series, to see the routine. Int/Adv Hip Hop classes incorporate rythmn, isolations and choreography utlizing a variety of street dance styles. 

Irish Step with Shiloh Step (5yrs-teen)

Traditional Irish Step Dance with Suzanne Eraldi. More Info


(6-11 yrs & 12+teen)

Jazz classes are fun and upbeat, with a focus on learning the technique of isolations of the body and the basic jazz steps. Dancers will learn steps such as jazz square, isolations of the body, chassè, jazz walk, and much more. 

Tap (5-8yrs, 8-12 yrs & Teen)

Tap classes are created to develop rhythm, sound, and style. In this class, dancers will be introduced to basic tap steps. Beginning with shovels, ball changes, a single buffalo, and step heel or heel step. Additional more advanced moves will be taught as dancers progress.

Adult Dance & Fitness

Various dance and exercise classes are offered daily at the studio. All adult classes are drop in. See schedule page for full listing of class offerings including Zumba, Ballroom, Yoga, African Dance, Ballet, and more! All adult class teachers are independent contractors. Contact info for instructors is under About Us.