General Studio Policies & Info

New safety protocols and policies listed on homepage. Review them here. All students must have a liability release/enrollment form to participate in classes. No food or drink in the front dance room (except water). No pets; service dogs only. No cell phones during classes. If you arrive while another class is in session, please be mindful of noise.
All adult class teachers are independent contractors; see their respective sites for their class policies. See details below for the LeStudioDanse children's program.


Dress for kids classes: Ballet students are asked to wear a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes (all in the color of their choice). Hair should be pulled back, away from the face. Toddlers may wear whatever they like to class that they can move in easily. Hip Pop/Breakdance students should wear tennis shoes and clothing that is easy to move in. Contemporary & Jazz dancers should wear athletic dance clothing that they can easily move in, barefoot/ballet shoes/footies all fine for footwear. Tap dancers should wear dance attire and tap shoes. 


Student Behavior: Students are expected to behave appropriately in class. If they are a continual disruption they will be asked to sit quietly on the side of the studio until they are able to control themselves and re-engage the class.  


Semester Onetime Enrollment/Registration Fee: For all dance students in the childrens semester program a one time registration fee of $10 is due at the beginning of their enrollment in the program along with the enrollment form (click here for the enrollment form). There is no enrollment fee for drop in classes/workshops/series (toddlers, workshops, adult classes, etc). 

Toddlers Class, Workshops & Dance  Series: Toddler classes are drop in (no advance payment required). Dance Series/Workshops  are paid per session (submit payment for series upon enrollment). 

Ballet/Hip Hop/Contemp./Jazz/Tap Tuition & Schedule: Tuition is due according to the tuition schedule for the semester. Initial Deposit is paid (covers first/last weeks of the semester) then one or two additional payments (Fall has deposit + one payment. Spring has deposit + two additional payments). An option of paying for the entire semester is available as well. Those consistently late in payment are subject to late fees. Tuition schedule is sent via email upon enrollment. 

Dance Class Semester Enrollment Commitment, Deposit & Class Changes: Due to the nature of the classes, the Recital, and other factors, it is the studio policy that when you enroll in a children's semester dance class it is a commitment to finishing the semester. Those who do not complete the semester will receive limited refunds (50% of unused classes if cancelled within first 4 weeks) and their spot is made available to other dancers. No cancellations or refunds following first 4 weeks and full payment is still due. (Cancellations due to illness will be dealt with on an individual basis). Those wanting to change classes once already enrolled are subject to alternate class availability, must be within the first 4 weeks/classes and are subject to a $10 change fee (tuition fees are transferable if this criteria is met). 


Spring Dance Recital (CURRENTLY ON HOLD): All students enrolled in the spring dance semester participate in our Spring Show (held in late May or early June). Click here to see our latest highlight reel.  Costumes are provided and there is no fee to participate. If your child cannot participate in the performance date you must give written notice at the beginning of the semester. If you withdraw from the recital less than 8 weeks prior you are subject to cancellation fees. 


Make up classes(CURRENTLY NA- Semester System On Hold): Semester students (fall or spring) who miss a class can make up a class by attending an alternate class. You are not required to reserve a make up spot (you may attend when you like).  Make up classes are only available within the current semester. During the Spring semester, make up classes are available till the end of April (no make up classes during the month of May due to recital preparations). No make up classes available for dance series or after care. 


Observation Policy: Due to distraction for the dancers and studio space, parents are not guaranteed the option to watch the dance classes directly. Capacity is limited in all waiting areas including the observation room, front and back waiting areas. Curtains may be pulled and seating is limited. 

Refunds & Cancellation:

For children's dance semester system policies see separate section above (Dance Class Enrollment Commitment). For Dance Series and Special Workshops cancellations received a minimum of 14 days prior to event will receive a full refund less a $10 administrative fee. Cancellations received within 7 days prior to event will receive 50% refund. Cancellations less than 7 days are non- refundable. For Summer Camps cancellations received a minimum of 21 days prior to event will receive a full refund less a $10 administrative fee. Cancellations received within 14 days prior to event will receive 50% refund. Cancellations less than 14 days are non- refundable.(Cancellations due to illness will be dealt with on an individual basis). 

Birthday parties require non refundable $75 deposit at time of booking. 

Waiting Areas: Please note this is subject to change according to current county guidelines. See your enrollment confirmation email for full/latest details. There are three waiting areas. The front entrance waiting area is a quiet zone for adults wishing to read, etc. No children in the front waiting area, food or cell phones. The observation room in the back is a waiting area for those with children with them, wanting to chat and they can observe class through the window.  There are magazines for the adults (in magazine rack) and both books and toys  for children. Please cleanup after yourself/children.  The third waiting area is the back hallway by the back studio. No cell phones, quiet waiting area. No pets; service dogs only. 

Childrens Dance Program Policies & Info